Data Science & Analytics

Financial Data Science Data Modeling Test Frameworks

Financial Data Science

Data Visualization

Make your data and information transparent and clear through data visualization. A single picture often says more than many words or numbers, with the right visual representation your story comes alive. With Plotly and Matplotlib, 2D and 3D visualizations can be created from your current data, from simple line graphs to impressive 3D animations.

Data mining

Data mining is the process of pattern recognition and (ir)regularities in (large) amounts of data. This is often done with statistical and mathematical models, but nowadays also more and more with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Mining

Web Scraping and Data Scraping

With targeted and advanced search algorithms, we can set scrapers in such a way that the desired information is collected and extracted. This can be information extracted from: internet pages, social media, news sites, reports (pdf, txt, xls, json, etc.), APIs, RSS feeds, databases, etc.

Web Scraping

Data Modeling

Example - Commercial Data-Analytics

Increase sales with data analytics. In the animation a short example is given how data-analytics can give insights in market dynamics. Data-analytics enable to profile new customers, to define customer segmentations and to indicate concentration risks in your customer portfolio.

Example - Four Statement Model

A full integrated webbased reporting tool, which will fill with actual data upto the current date and can be filled manually and automatically with forecasting data. A forecasting algorithm will automatically fill the remaining periods with expected data.

Business Balanced ScoreCard

Connect your Business Balanced ScoreCard with your P&L (and Balance-Sheet and Cash-Flow depending on your company's profile) to align the interdepencies between qualitative and quantitative actions.

Test Frameworks

Integrated Stress-Test Framework

Allthough stress-testing among financial institutions became regulatory after the global financial crisis of 2008, for most non-financial companies this is still not a common and standardized procedure.

Stress Test Model

Website Data Integrity Test

Our website data analytics model scrapes and scrolls your complete website and database to check which data and information your company publishes freely. It gives a complete overview of your complete website-structure and detects if hidden or privacy-sensitive information is available for the public eye.

Integrity Scan

Enterprise search-engine

One interface to see and search your complete IT-architecture for relevant documents, data, filter by types, date or security-level.

Enterprise search-engine