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Two Decades of Yearly Global New Car Sales 8 Juni 2022

Last year over 80M new cars were sold globally. This is far less than the highest level which was reached in 2017. Since 2017 car sales were sliding and in 2020 dropping significant. In 2021 we see some recovery and the Q1-22 volumes show that 2022 will be slightly higher or equal to 2021. This means that for the third year on a row the car sales are below its 20 year trend.
The last time the sales were significant below its trend was in 2009 (financial crisis), but the following year the volumes were as usual. The difference in de current situation is that the sales drop is due to supply issues, were in earlier times it was due to a lack of demand.

Two decades Car Sales

Top 10 Bedrijven qua markt-kapitalisatie over de periode 2000 - 2021 9 Maart 2022

Een mooie visualisatie van de marktkapitalisatie van Amerikaanse en Europese bedrijven over de periode 2000-2021 waarbij de top 10 bedrijven via een bar-chart-race dynamisch wordt weergegeven.